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I'm confused

29th Sep 2017, 5:38 PM
Abeeku Ampah
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3 Answers
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Take a deep breath and fart as hard as you can😂
29th Sep 2017, 5:41 PM
Shashank Pandey
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What are you confused about? Are you confused on how they work, or are you confused about how a certain code is?
29th Sep 2017, 5:48 PM
Dillion Piazza
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if you're using if loops, try look for while loops. I've some codes in Python with loops. Take a look. To understand how loops stuffs, you should understand how Python read a code. Python always read one line by time. But if one "condition" isn't satisfied, Python can go to next line ( if this condition are empty) or keep in that condition until it was satisfied.
29th Sep 2017, 9:20 PM
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