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What software projects are you most proud of? Post them or explain it here.

15th Apr 2017, 6:23 PM
Thanh Le
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2 Answers
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My color picker android app - Used to learn Android Studio http://leakyegg.website.tk/RGB.apk My Color picker program for PC - First Java GUI http://leakyegg.website.tk/RGB.zip My Snake game for PC - First Java Game http://leakyegg.website.tk/SNAKE.zip
15th Apr 2017, 6:34 PM
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this is the first question I m interested in, in which someone hasn't a specific problem. a shame not more ppl posted. early days achievements : solving algorthmic puzzles from hacker.org. e.g. runaway robot. A puzzle in which a robot has limited input choices (right or down) and has to get to the any of the marked cells in the far away column or row. the twist here is that the input size is also limited. So you have 2^(x_end+1)-1 possible input choices. another one (oneofus) I couldn't solve yet (just about 1/4 of all the levels) . However after years I m currently on work to finally do it. It's about finding a Hamiltonian path in a sparse graph. furthermore I m kinda proud about my image-retrieval descriptors I developed for logo finding in images. it was part of my master thesis, even though the paper itself was garbage. implementing the lin-kernighan algorithm was fun to (local optimisation heuristic for tsp). each of these topics are to broad to actually explain. visit hacker.org for a lot of fun.
16th Apr 2017, 6:35 AM
Petja Boigk
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