Localhost/phpmyadmin isn't working!

I downloaded XAMPP and ran MySQL but localhost/phpmyadmin isn't working when I place it in my browser. it's just a white screen. what did I do wrong?

31st Jul 2016, 4:28 AM
Leondra Gonzalez
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4 Answers
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Make sure you start both Apache and MySQL. Both should be green otherwise something is blocking them from starting XAMPP should give you an error if this is the case.
31st Jul 2016, 11:07 AM
Nathan “Grimston” Pipes
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Thank you. it looks like Apache wasn't starting. I Googled why and I had to stop a specific program (World Web publishing something) from running. then it started fine. Thanks!
31st Jul 2016, 8:03 PM
Leondra Gonzalez
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on windows if you are using WAMP and system has Skype application, WAMP won't turn Green. Because Skype uses port 80 and Apache (WAMP) waits for same port. You can go to Tools > Options > Advanced > Connection and uncheck the check box which says 'Use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections'. Quit Skype and Restart WAMP. Alternately you can change port Apache uses. Click on WAMP icon and select Apache > httpd.conf. Look for Lister 80 and change it other port number of your choice. Restart WAMP.
2nd Aug 2016, 8:26 PM
Sushant Pimple
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first download c++redistribution 2008 ,2012,2015 than install wamp server .
21st Jan 2018, 4:25 PM
shafay khan
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