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What do you use Sololearn for?

I just discovered this app by chance and realized what a great tool it is to learn coding on the go! So far, I've been using this app to review a first year Java course that I'm taking and so far Sololearn is proving to be a great review tool. What does everyone else use this app for?

8th Apr 2017, 8:51 AM
Toni He
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13 Answers
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1.) For Coding 2.) For Discussing 3.) For Challenging 4.) For Asking 5.) For Helping 6.) For Fun 7.) For Commenting And very important: For Learning!😄
8th Apr 2017, 8:58 AM
Dev - avatar
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Welcome to the SoloLearn community! As you blend in and become assimilated, you'll understand you don't really need a reason to be using this app. :> I'm here because the community consists of really nice, intellectual people who can actually solve your problems if you are willing to ask and show effort in learning.
8th Apr 2017, 9:12 AM
Hatsy Rei
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What don't I use it for? I began using this app in much the same way. -bern
8th Apr 2017, 8:55 AM
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To utilise my free time
8th Apr 2017, 9:16 AM
Sachin Artani
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I mainly use it as a source of programming knowledge, I'm hoping they will come up with new courses for intermediate and advanced levels 😊
14th Apr 2017, 10:34 PM
Pao - avatar
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I haven't used the Challenge function yet, but def will be getting on that sooner or later. 😍 And of course Fun == Required.
8th Apr 2017, 8:59 AM
Toni He
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@Paola, I have the same hope.
14th Apr 2017, 11:28 PM
Abner Schmidt
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Brushing up on my skills and knowledge. I am certified but it doesn't hurt to have refresher courses.
15th Apr 2017, 3:09 AM
Markita OGilvie
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@Hatsy Rei thank you for the warm welcome! I'm feeling quite at home here already.
8th Apr 2017, 9:15 AM
Toni He
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@Abner ♡
14th Apr 2017, 11:52 PM
Pao - avatar
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I use to review my understanding of previous learned languages as Java, SQL and C++ and to learn new ones like C#and Python. It is a very good tool to learn using gamefication, especially trying the challenges.
15th Apr 2017, 1:07 AM
Marcelo de Bittencourt
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for me i only use this app to review and i think is not a good reference to learn programming languages from beginning. its just my opinion
8th Apr 2017, 6:30 PM
iWaZaKi - avatar
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use to learn
9th Apr 2017, 1:32 PM
Erich Daniel Galvez Carranza
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