How is return used in java. This code tells me that the return I used is error .why?

public class Program { public static void main(String[] args) { int x=50; int y=70; Math.max(x,y); if(x<y){ System.out.println(x); } else{ return y; } } }

4th Feb 2022, 2:30 PM
Tony Jadesola
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Tony Jadesola First thing main method has return type void means main method doesn't return anything. 2nd thing you have to assign Math.max(x, y) to a variable because max has return type which return something. 3rd thing if you want to get max value through comparison then you have to create a method which should have return type int and should return value in if and else both case. So here is user defined method: int getMaxValue(int x , int y) { if (x > y) { return x; } else { return y; } } Now call this method and paas arguments x and y. Remember you have to assign returned value to a new variable or you can directly print method. using inbuilt method: int result = Math.max(x, y);
4th Feb 2022, 4:17 PM
A͢J - avatar
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main method in java is void return type. Don't expecting anything to return. Then return y; invalid. Where its return, to whom? Tony Jadesola What are you trying by that line?
4th Feb 2022, 2:45 PM
Jayakrishna 🇮🇳