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Can someone pls help me with solution to this coding challenge?

You're given a list of time intervals during which students at a school need a laptop. These time intervals are represented by pairs of integers [start, end], where 0 <= start < end. However, start and end don't represent real times; therefore, they may be greater than 24. No two students can use a laptop at the same time, but immediately after a student is done using a laptop, another student can use that same laptop. For example, if one student rents a laptop during the time interval [0, 2], another student can rent the same laptop during any time interval starting with 2. Write a function that returns the minimum number of laptops that the school needs to rent such that all students will always have access to a laptop when they need one. laptopRentals(times) Parameters times: Array (of Array (of Integers)) - A 2D array containing the times the student would require a laptop. Return Value Integer - Minimum number of laptops the school needs to rent. Examples times Return Value [[0,2],[1,4],[4,6],[

2nd Feb 2022, 3:14 PM
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MAYOWA AKINADE , to give you the required help, you should post vour code here. this enables us to see where the issue is. thanks!
2nd Feb 2022, 4:39 PM
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a = [[0, 2], [0, 4], [1, 4], [3, 10], [4, 6], [7, 8], [9, 11]] c = 0 d = len(a) #print(a[c:d]) #an= a[c:d] g = [] f = [] n = 1 g.append(a[0]) while c <= len(a)-1: an = a[c:d] print("a =", a[c:d]) for start, end in an[1:]: if start >= an[0][1] and end > an[0][0]: if [start, end] in g: pass else: g.append([start, end]) #print(start, end) print() #n += 1 print("Only one laptop is ok") else: if [start, end] in f: pass else: f.append([start, end]) n += 1 print("More than one laptop") #n += 1 c += 1 print(c) print("n = ", n) print("g = ", g) print("f = ", f)
3rd Feb 2022, 12:40 PM