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Write a program using function to check who is employee of the month python.

#Pactical #Rating the work of employee in grade from 1-5 name=["anil kapoor","Salman khan","Akshay Kumar"] sump=[] l=len(name) for i in range(0,l): print("Enter the Grade of ",name[i]) p=int(input(print("Peformance"))) q=int(input(print("Quality of work"))) a=int(input(print("Attendence"))) t=int(input(print("Attitute"))) sump.insert(i,p+q+a+t) k=sump.index(max(sump)) print("Employee of the Month Goes to",name[k])

26th Jan 2022, 4:26 AM
Kanchan Zade
1 Answer
This isn't a question my dude, do you have any questions about the code or something?
27th Jan 2022, 1:29 AM
Daniel Louis