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is this happen to you too?

you challenge someone and you're waiting for the result, but that person refuses to accept your challenge just like he(she) doesn't saw that and challenges you back!!! let me catch that: "you decline my challenge but you challenge me back!?" I guess than I'll to decline challenges from now, 'cause that's enough >:o Ps: we are not in competition, we are here for learn (with fun). get help, share knowledge and experiences but not for kicking each other. Very sad...

5th Apr 2017, 5:03 AM
JΞΜΔ 🇨🇩👑
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Never happened to me. The reason why people decline challenges is because probably they want to challenge some newbies more to get badges. It might happen so that they got a badge and now are ready to challenge you, so they challenge you now Or by that time the might have learnt the particular course better than first time you challenged them and now feel more prepared too challenge you. Anyways, we are here to learn, not to compete, just as you said. So don't get too worried about it and keep learning
5th Apr 2017, 5:48 AM
Dinmukhamed Mailibay
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@Dinmukhamed_Mailibay thank you, I feel better and... going to challenge you :-)
6th Apr 2017, 2:53 AM
JΞΜΔ 🇨🇩👑
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