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EOF error

Why my code is showing an error here? x=int(input(“enter a number”) y=int(input(“enter another one”) p=x*y print(p)

9th Jan 2022, 4:00 AM
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3 Answers
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You need to input two values since there are two input variables. If you're trying this on Sololearn, separate them in a new line. 6 7
9th Jan 2022, 6:14 AM
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Use apostrophe "enter a number" The one you have used is not valid one.
9th Jan 2022, 4:21 AM
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And I think you did not close int() x = int(input("enter a number")) y = int(input("enter another one")) <- the first one closes intput(), the second one closes int()
9th Jan 2022, 8:35 AM
Denise Roßberg
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