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Which would you use for mobile app development?

#ReactNative: React Native uses JavaScript which is one of the most popular, dynamic, and high-level programming languages. #Xamarin: Xamarin uses the best of C# and .Net to develop Android, iOS, and Mac applications. #Ionic: Ionic uses HTML, CSS, and JS for developing and running mobile applications. #Flutter: Flutter uses Dart to develop high-quality apps for Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop.

31st Dec 2021, 2:25 AM
Jeevan Chandra Joshi
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Hello, Jeevan Chandra Joshi , thanks for asking this question, IMO Kotlin Multi-Platform(KMP) is better because it uses Kotlin a preferred language for Android development & supported by JetBrains and Google. We can extend an Android app to cross-platform app by using Kotlin Multiplatform libraries for most of our application logical code, thats why it is a UX centric, plus it doesn't kill platform citizenship either. We can easily access platform specific APIs and use it in Kotlin without any overhead. For declarative UI it has Jetpack Compose(for Android), Compose Multiplatform(for Web, Desktop and iOS and can share code with Jetpack Compose) and SwiftUI(optionally for iOS), therefore UI code is kept minimal. And resulting app have excellent/native performance since apps r exactly native on each platform. All in all, I would say that KMP is an SDK designed to simplify the development of cross-platform. And used by companies like Netflix, Philips and CashApp etc.
7th Mar 2023, 9:57 AM
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31st Dec 2021, 7:04 AM
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