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There should be a chat option in sololearn . what you think??

It will be definitely awesome to chat with your mates about your learning and projects. i know discussion is here but chat option will be Fantastic to have with it.

3rd Apr 2017, 1:01 PM
RAVI KUMAR - avatar
9 Answers
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Bhai tere muh m ghee shakar.. 😜
6th Jul 2017, 5:40 PM
Harish Jindal
Harish Jindal - avatar
+ 17
I wish it never gets implemented😶😶
3rd Apr 2017, 2:05 PM
Dev - avatar
+ 10
It should be
3rd Apr 2017, 2:58 PM
+ 5
So many Sololearners want that. Let's see if it will be implemented by Sololearn or not.
3rd Apr 2017, 1:03 PM
Krishna Teja Yeluripati
Krishna Teja Yeluripati - avatar
+ 5
with chat option we will break the role which says"most of programmes are singel" XD
3rd Apr 2017, 1:27 PM
Amjad - avatar
+ 1
That will be good.
3rd Apr 2017, 1:13 PM
Vishal Prajapati
+ 1
Yup I concur. Interactivity is what makes this app unique so I don't see how a chat option would do harm. If anything It'll make our experience more memorable and charming. There is a great proportion of awesome people here from all around the world!
3rd Apr 2017, 1:17 PM
Salim Irangi
Salim Irangi - avatar
+ 1
It will make a big difference. Help scholars to get some issues get solved on time. ♥PG
4th Apr 2017, 7:50 AM
Oluwatosin Peter Oyelami
Oluwatosin Peter Oyelami - avatar
+ 1
and there are amazing teachers who can help us whenever we want. directly message to them may lead a good conversation between us.
4th Apr 2017, 2:37 PM
RAVI KUMAR - avatar