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Looking for advanced tutorials

Android, API's, MVC's, Professionally used, multi-languaged tutorials of any kind are welcome. I'd really like to learn what big companies are using and want their programmers to know. Thank you for any recommendations.

29th Jul 2016, 6:59 AM
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industry highly recommends ".net" users but to learn that you should have a knowledge on C++ or java. with java we can create many other applications even if you want to know about android it is necessary to learn java. people who have advanced knowledge in oracle they can get high packages. when it comes to tutorials search for learning lad in YouTube channel you can find each and every tutorial for c++ and java. if you want to learn sql try to search "The bad tutorials "in YouTube it will be enough for you but you should know what is what in interview point view so please consider books also sry for my english bcozIam not good in English
29th Jul 2016, 7:30 AM
eugene dakarapu
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