Why does sololearn only has 1 html, css and java?

Sololearn why do you, domt has a "+" button, unlike Mimo, it has limited htmls and others.

26th Sep 2020, 6:38 AM
1 Answer
I don't work for or represent Sololearn but my guess is the 3 tabs keeps things a little more consistent between all the Sololearn codes. The tight limitation there is a double-edged sword. It keeps things consistent and simple but also takes away flexibility from some code contributers. I've written some pretty long JavaScript and been tempted to split it up but unable to do so due to the limitation in Sololearn. It is more annoying if you want service workers since it is quite messy to define them in long string literals instead of separate files. I think more important and helpful than a + button would be to add some versioning and backups to the codes. If I put a lot of work into a code, I often keep a local copy offline and work with that because I don't want to be one browser crash away from losing my changes. This would also help work around the occasional server crash when I try to save. On multiple occasions, I tried to save pretty extensive changes only to watch the page lock up and I become unable to even put my stuff on clipboard. Having sololearn continually save a latest unpublished draft version should more quickly indicate when the server becomes unable to save and mean less changes get wasted when that happens. A step beyond the latest draft feature would be maintaining a full version history so you could undo/redo changes and troubleshoot recent breaking changes. It would be a big increase in complexity and effort to implement but it would look more professional. It should be familiar to developers who use version control systems too.
26th Sep 2020, 8:12 AM
Josh Greig
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