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How van we make n array without knowing n?

For example i'll be given n line that each line includes series of x & y and i want to save each line in one array . How i can i do it?

31st Dec 2019, 11:14 AM
Maryam K
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2 Answers
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TBH I'm not getting your illustration clearly. What are x and y? and how you want to have their series? Maybe an example to improve the illustration clarity?
31st Dec 2019, 11:50 AM
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Hi Maryam K If you are getting the size of n from user input, you can use dynamic memory allocation to create the necessary arrays. Take a look on the memory allocation function malloc, calloc and realloc. They will aid you to create variable size arrays. Good luck.
31st Dec 2019, 12:39 PM