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Classes and Objects of Movie[]

So in my Program Design level two class, we're learning about classes and objects for arrays. In this specific assignment, I have to searchByTitle() for a partial search for what the user is typing. For example, the data I'm putting from is called "movielist.txt" with 10,000 movies and I want to have the user input a keyword for the Movie[] movies and result a list of movies with that keyword. Here is the code: My error is NullPointerException and I know what that is it's just how do I fix it? I have a class called Movie which has a string title and genre; and an int year.

3rd Feb 2019, 7:50 PM
Spartan Noah- 458
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If you only want to print matching titles then the method need not to return a String, I see you only return a blank String at line 14. Line 6: You are concatenating original user input with a lowercase version, did you mean to switch it to lowercase and use it instead? seems more reasonable that way, something like this: `partial_title = partial_title.toLowerCase();` Instead of: `partial_title += partial_title.toLowerCase();` Line 7: You are changing the array element into a new (uninitialized) Movie object, which probably has zero length title, this could be the cause of the error. You might wanna mark that line as comment. // movies[cnt] = new Movie(); Line 10: You are printing the title with the array index instead of the partial title filter string, if I understand your comment on that line, it should be: `System.out.println(movies[cnt].title + " " + partial_title);` Instead of: `System.out.println(movies[cnt].title + " " + cnt);` Hth, cmiiw
3rd Feb 2019, 8:40 PM