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Check out what I imagine

I strongly believe that anything you can imagine as a programmer is real.. I've never seen what you cannot do using programming languages.. If one doesn't work that other will? Tell me what you think programming cannot do

30th Jan 2019, 1:27 AM
lord_bright - avatar
2 Answers
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Good question! That's whats keeping university professors up at night. Imagine you are given some C++ code and you want to figure out, without running it, whether that code gets stuck in an infinite loop, or exits normally. You cannot write a program that checks this for you. At least not without getting stuck in infinite loops itself. This is called the "halting problem" and it is "undecideable"!
30th Jan 2019, 2:23 AM
Schindlabua - avatar
Wow, nice write up
31st Jan 2019, 10:45 AM
lord_bright - avatar