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Gcc 1.34 download

there is no URL about Gcc 1.34 release on Gcc. gnu. org. how can I find it? read from 《expert. C. programming》

23rd Jan 2019, 5:57 AM
张小友 - avatar
1 Answer
Are you on linux ? If yes, you can simply use the package downloader and install any version of gcc (1.34 is REALLY old, so picking up a newer one is enough) If you are on windows ... gcc might be useable on the linux bash that was added to windows 10 not so long ago, but I can't help you on this side ... When you have gcc, you can use "-ansi -pedantic -std=c89" to code using c89 rules (by default, gcc follows c99 rules on new versions, if I recall right)
24th Jul 2019, 8:58 PM
Baptiste E. Prunier
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