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Link of Gold Badge...

Hello, I try to do a code with image of Gold badge/statut, but I'm on tablet, so impossible to watch source code. I found this link for the image : But I think than it's not "clear", I need the "official" link like this (if it's possible) : Thanks you.

8th Jan 2019, 11:40 PM
IdkWhoIAm AI
2 Answers
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I think It's not possible to find the official picture of gold and Platinum status(Because I also searched but didn't find)!! Moreover these are not like badge! It's somewhat like a status. If want the source code of image which you have imbedded, use the link below! ➡"" But you can find the code of the gold or Platinum status if you search on code playground.
9th Jan 2019, 1:55 AM
AL Araf
AL Araf - avatar
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Thank for your link, Ill try to do with this one. Thank for your help.
9th Jan 2019, 1:47 PM
IdkWhoIAm AI