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Car Select

Hello ALL! I am still learning but was hoping to have some help with this. I am adding to my code each day to try and learn bits and bits at a time. With the Car Select Code im working on when you press 'submit' a message displays saying "This is Mercedes"( or whatever car that was selected) What im looking to do is after pressing 'submit' for another select option box to appear below the message with a submit button. Within the select option I want to add car modles. and once i hit submit It will display information about that car. Thank you for your help! :)

3rd Jan 2019, 6:55 PM
Steven Schick
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You can write the html for the second option box as normal. The secret is to give it a css display of none to start with. When you click the first submit you can change the display property to 'block' or any other visible display value. You'll have to do some other stuff to have the second option select contain the models of the car type that was first selected. For now, try the display and let me know how it goes 👍
4th Jan 2019, 3:33 AM
Zeke Williams
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