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404 page

Hello everyone I build games template that i want to publish it in Themeforest for $25 as my first experience in it. The website Depends on many servers that gives free iframe's games. 1) Please give me some advices to do in my website 2) how can i build 404 page(broken link page) that appear in every bronken link without adding in all of the tags onerror event 3) my template is pure Html Css jQuery , No php or mySql. Is there any chances to accept my template?

13th Apr 2018, 12:38 PM
Jebreel Alziadna
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404 and similar errors are handled by .htaccess in the server. So you do not need to care about that while making the front-end UI. The person who will buy it knows what to do. In the web host service you can find a .htaccess file. Add ErrorDocument 404 /404error.html See this 404 page: https://www.niush.tk/not_found.html
13th Apr 2018, 2:23 PM
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