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Resize Canvas

I'm trying to make a project using canvas, but I can't seem to resize the canvas using %. If I do it in HTML the canvas resizes with pixels. In CSS the quality of the canvas is lowered. In JavaScript it just breaks the canvas. How can I resize the canvas depending on the users screen without lowering the canvas quality?

27th Dec 2017, 11:42 PM
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Run this to watch how CSS and HTML canvas scaling properties interact: I'm using pixels. To calc by "viewport" using "vh" and "vw" for percentage of viewport height and width: Line 28... let's use 50, to test scaling up to 50% of the user's view: var maxOuterDimension = 50; // was 200 for use as pixels Lines 67-68, change the units from "px" to viewport-relative height / width:["height"] = cvsContainerHeight + "vh"; // was 'px'["width"] = cvsContainerWidth + "vw"; // was 'px' And run. The units are required when setting styles this way (the engine does weird things if you omit them).
27th Dec 2017, 11:52 PM
Kirk Schafer
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