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HTML based apps VS Android apps

I would like to know the differences between them.

22nd Dec 2017, 2:06 PM
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HTML5 apps are web apps and they must be run using the underlying OS browser. Note that HTML5 supports offline data as well as rich media, such as audio and video. A well written HTML5 app can be used even when the device is offline, or at the very least, show an error message. Comparison of HTML5 and Native Apps Portability HTML5 apps are portable across different OSes and device types. A HTML5 app written with responsive design methods would also scale appropriately depending on the size of the device it’s currently viewed on. When an update is required, the single app is updated and tested, and is available for all devices immediately. Native apps, by definition, are unique to each OS, and so, to support multiple mobile OSes, a separate app must be written for each OS. When an update is required, each app must be updated independently, and tested independently. Android apps do not modify the layout to match the size of the device automatically, however, during development, different layouts can be specified for different device/screen sizes and orientations. This usually results in layouts that are more aesthetically pleasing compared to automatic responsive design HTML5 apps, albeit with more effort and planning required. Winner: HTML5 :) @Sololearn
22nd Dec 2017, 2:18 PM
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