Will there be Lua course? | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!
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Will there be Lua course?

I would love to see as many Roblox players learning Lua from SoloLearn. I have problems learning it but if SoloLearn add that course, I will boost my concentration on that one to my limit.

7th Nov 2016, 6:37 PM
BloxDodgerPlus - avatar
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+1, would love to see a Lua course. I use it a ton for a game engine called Love2D, and although I think I taught myself that pretty well, I think Sololearn could do a better job than me just poking around Lua documentation xD
7th Nov 2016, 6:59 PM
Lux - avatar
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I would also like to see a Lua course, but I think that is unlikely as it has relatively few users. Maybe in the 2017 sololearn revamp?
8th Nov 2016, 2:13 AM
Isaac Pace
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Would really like to see Sololearn implement this. Noticing in more game engines that I'm using they are using LUA code for various purposes, and I don't know enough about it. I am liking learning other coding laungages here, and would greatly appreciate doing LUA in sololearning's next codes.
17th Jan 2017, 7:14 PM
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@Isaac Pace well we are in 2018 and still no lua...
25th Dec 2017, 8:54 PM
Guy293 - avatar
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Even though it's a simple language, it's really powerful and would be easier to learn if there was a course on it.
11th Jan 2018, 4:12 PM
InfaRed - avatar
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@guy shefer not quite... but you're right. probably not.
26th Dec 2017, 3:38 AM
Isaac Pace
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@isaac Pace Well we can still learn from roblox lol
11th Jan 2018, 6:02 PM
Guy293 - avatar
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I agree I would love lua to be added I use Roblox lua a lot and it would be nice to use it on mobile instead of always being on the computer maybe a course would be nice too
14th Jun 2018, 6:33 PM
Inferno Tempesta
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Add it please!!!
20th Jan 2019, 6:19 PM
Киселев Артем
Киселев Артем - avatar
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Add lua please
20th Feb 2019, 10:24 AM
L!nux Gunn3r
L!nux Gunn3r - avatar
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Please add it, there are lots of us out here eagerly looking forward to it!
28th Feb 2019, 10:24 AM
Calum Browne
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I just got a computer about a week ago and I kinda need to learn LUA to make a game with Solarus.
7th Nov 2018, 3:23 AM
Miraculous - avatar
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Having Lua on the site would be incredibly helpful in the sense of learning on the go and having a reliable place to learn it without having to go through plenty of websites. I myself would learn Lua for Roblox Studio.
14th Jan 2019, 2:41 PM
soozie - avatar
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It is a common modding language, 🙏 add it!
19th Jan 2019, 6:50 PM
Ike Averee
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Also waiting for it, Lua is one of the most powerful interpreted language that works perfect with other languages, I think it would really useful if we can learn it.
4th Mar 2019, 1:43 PM
Jordy Kenneth
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I WISH they had Lua. I know basics but I need more information if I ever want to get into advanced RBXSTUDIO or UNREAL or UNITY or something like that. print(“I hope there will be”)
25th Mar 2019, 5:37 AM
DrOctoCavendish - avatar
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Yes, lua would be great.
6th Apr 2019, 11:16 PM
sdsf dfsfd
sdsf dfsfd - avatar
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Yus sir this needs to added as I wanna teach the ways of Lua
1st Apr 2019, 7:15 AM
Del Jr
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I would love to learn lua
13th Mar 2019, 6:22 AM
ProTear - avatar
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Ikr it needs to be added
14th Apr 2019, 11:12 PM