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Compound Expression

Please help. I have a table called Customers. I have to get the first name and invoice total of customers whose invoice is less than or equal to 40 WITHOUT using the less or equal operator. Something like: SELECT FirstName, InvoiceTotal FROM Customers WHERE InvoiceTotal........

21st Oct 2016, 11:04 PM
Wendy Hlatshwayo
Wendy Hlatshwayo - avatar
2 Answers
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Hi, the only way u could do that is by querying "...InvoiceTotal <= 40". I assure u there's no any bypass to use less or equal operators at least in that case!😊
22nd Oct 2016, 8:05 PM
babakm - avatar
finally got it! 3 days later!....."WHERE Invoice Total BETWEEN 0 AND 40" Thanks!
22nd Oct 2016, 8:13 PM
Wendy Hlatshwayo
Wendy Hlatshwayo - avatar