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Why is there no window frame tutorials?

I really like SoloLearn, but I feel like something is missing... That is Window frame tutorials. For example in java you can use something (I forgot the name) to create a new window on the screen. But when I look at the tutorials, they all are about printing and advanced stuff. There is literally nothing about creating a window etc. Window frames are a important thing, who would want to install an IDE and change the code everytime that person wants to use this app? I would really like window frame tutorials in this website. It is a very big missing part in the tutorials. If there is a reason that there is no window frame tutorials, can someone tell me the reason? Thanks.

28th Sep 2017, 2:43 PM
Tunacan yay
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If you were referring to GUI programming then it's not feasible using SL code editor, why?, well because SL editor does it's job by sending the code to SL server along with any user inputs required by the code to run properly. The server then tries to compile the code, whether or not the compilation process succeeded, the server redirects the output back to the code editor to be shown to you. There's an exception however for web code because of help from WebView. This process of transferring information to/from server requires relatively moderate size of network traffic, however, remembering the amount of users using SL, it still can grow larger at times. Some also had asked why we can't have interactive session as we see if we use compiler/IDE on our own computer, in SL editor all inputs are gathered together, once, before it is sent to server. When using compiler/IDE on our computer the inputs are taken as they are required. But if we take that route with SL editor we would need more send/receive traffic, which means more workload for the server opposed to one send/receive traffic. The risk is obvious, the server fails from overload. GUI programming will certainly need much more traffics to/from server as there would be need for info about how a control is created, where it is positioned, how it looks, how it behave to inputs etc. That's why it's not feasible in SL editor. I can only suggest you to find a editor/compiler or IDE that suits your needs, purpose, and coding style, and have it installed on your computer, there'll be no need to worry about network traffic, execution time limit etc. Hth, cmiiw
28th Sep 2017, 4:19 PM