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Short shorts!

Why do people ask very very short, and so meaningless and very vague, questions here? and why do some people reply them with even shorter and more vague answers? Is it safe to assume some people think short Q/A's is as sexy as short shorts? Are we witnessing "the less is more" philosophy here? Who or what behavior encouraged this?

5th Sep 2017, 4:36 PM
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There are many factors that play into this. *** Most people here are completely new to programming, and simply don't know what it is that they need to ask. They feel overwhelmed, so they gather here and start asking. As well, if I recall, the app promotes people to ask questions while they're learning. *** From what it appears, the majority of the people I see here are from another country whose first language isn't English. It appears that many people know just enough English to get by, and aren't adept at English yet, so their question/answers are limited by that for now. *** The reality is that not every one is created equally. Some people may not have the capacity to go about it in another way, so they work with what they got. Honestly, if one is able to portray to me their question, it doesn't matter if it's short or long. The only thing that truly matters is if I understood their question enough to supply them with the correct answer / resources. Even if the person was a caveman, if they can point/grunt to the point that I understand what they're saying, then we have something we can work with.
5th Sep 2017, 5:05 PM