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Does the CLR function like the JRE in Java programming?

I have never managed to understand the concept of .NET framework completely. in particular, about the CLR. when we compile C# code, do we create native code that can be run directly by the machine, or do we create an intermediate code that is then converted to machine language by the CLR

27th Sep 2016, 10:59 AM
Steven Mitini-Nkhoma
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3 Answers
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when you compile c# code with a compiler it converts it to CIL (Common Intermediate Language) which is then JIT (Just In Time) compiled by the CLR (Common Language Runtime). The CLR also does other stuff automatically like memory management, type saftey, exception handling, garbage collection, security and thread management. You can kinda think of the JRE and CLR as do similar things for different languages.
28th Sep 2016, 4:15 PM
Zachary Blubaugh
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if you're asking about, "Common Language Runtime (CLR) then the ASP.NET worker process compiles the .aspx file into an assembly and instructs the CLR to execute the assembly. When the assembly executes, it takes the services of various classes in the .NET Framework class library to accomplish its work and generate response messages for the requesting client. The worker process collects the responses generated by the execution of the web page, creates a response packet, and passes it to the aspnet_isapi.dll process. Aspnet_isapi.dll forwards the response packet to IIS, which is in turn passes their response to the request in client machine. Prior to execution each ASP.NET page is converted into a class. This class derives most of its functionality from the System.Web.UI.Page class. The Page class provide several important properties such as Request, Response, Section, and Server. A complete list of methods and properties visit HTTP colon forward slash forward slash msdn dot
9th Dec 2016, 6:54 AM
Gena Beamon
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11th Apr 2019, 9:31 AM
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