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I'm just a curious Why @Sololearn you won't give me my Code Master badge?

dear friends Code Master badge says write 10codes with 5upvotes of each one....I have 12codes with 5+upvotes of each one but still haven't received my badge 😞😞😞...really no idea what's happening with @Sololearn

28th Jul 2017, 12:47 AM
Zohrab Alexanian
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3 Answers
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Apart from that, some badges are still tied to specific languages. If you have fulfilled all the conditions and still haven't got the badge, just mail SL through our Support Email. [email protected]
28th Jul 2017, 2:17 AM
Hatsy Rei
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That's not 5+ upvotes , You need to get 5+ upvotes on your code , not including your like on it .
28th Jul 2017, 1:39 AM
RZK 022
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lol they have seen my post and just give me my badge after 3months 😂😂😂Lmaooooo
31st Jul 2017, 11:59 AM
Zohrab Alexanian
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