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How to become a Professional Programmer without Formal CS Education ?

I hv 2 years of CS education then i,m unable to get formal education but i,m eager to become a programmer. i hv started Front end programming in HTML, Java script & Css and doing good in this. In Future i wanted to Be an expert in C# or some other Major Language.... Plz Guide me how to walk along This Road.

24th Jul 2017, 11:06 AM
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1 Answer
Hello, first of, please feel free to email me directly at; But to answer your question... I would setup a virtual server and install nginx. Then you can configure domain names to handle different folders for different websites. I would create 10+ basic to advanced websites. Put them on the server and buy the cheapest domains you can. Direct them to the ip address of your server and configure bginx to pass the domains to different folders. Then create an elegant WordPress site to showcase your work. I would also obtain a few certs from here to improve your showcase. Then setup on freelancer and search your local Craigslist ads for the work you desire. If you push 1 demo site a day, in 13 days you should have everything setup and running. Then you can start bidding on projects with certifications and previous work to back you up.
24th Jul 2017, 10:04 PM
Aubrey Love
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