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You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.

‒Geoffrey Willans Also in programming, the second language helps you understand better the previous one.

17th Jun 2017, 9:56 PM
Savin V.I.
24 Answers
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Long time ago there was the first and only one programming language.👈 Before the second language was invented there were people able to understand one language. 😸
17th Jun 2017, 10:02 PM
NimWing Yuan
NimWing Yuan - avatar
+ 22
Ohh it's good I know Hindi and English before learning Java 😏😜
21st Jun 2017, 2:27 PM
Nikhil - avatar
+ 13
Learn ruby to understand python
18th Jun 2017, 12:49 PM
Siddharth Saraf
+ 13
That's right.
21st Jun 2017, 1:58 PM
Krishna Teja Yeluripati
Krishna Teja Yeluripati - avatar
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Then we cannot understand any language because how we can understand one language without study two?? .. Is it impossible task understanding a language. Let us learn one by one. All languages we can understand.
24th Jun 2017, 6:58 AM
John Joy Raj
John Joy Raj - avatar
+ 10
C: Python, i'm your father! Python: NOOOOOOOOO!
21st Jun 2017, 7:19 PM
Dmitry Kiselevsky
Dmitry Kiselevsky - avatar
+ 8
looks like I don't understand Python then :c I mean, that's kinda my thing...
17th Jun 2017, 11:44 PM
Ahri Fox
Ahri Fox - avatar
+ 8
Looks like I don't understand C++ either. Time to get in gears for Java. :<
21st Jun 2017, 2:33 PM
Hatsy Rei
Hatsy Rei - avatar
+ 7
Then....How to understand Python!!!!!! 😬
18th Jun 2017, 12:35 PM
Yanothai Chaitawat
Yanothai Chaitawat - avatar
+ 6
True, True.
17th Jun 2017, 9:58 PM
Henry Arch
Henry Arch - avatar
+ 5
learn C to understand them all. (or Assembly if you identify yourself as Hardcore)
23rd Jun 2017, 12:40 AM
Nicolas Cendron Fernandes
Nicolas Cendron Fernandes - avatar
+ 4
hmmm sounds true but really every language is an abstraction from another language. There was B and then C took over. Then there was Small Talk then C++ made OOP popular, then Java came and C# started shortly after. And so languages are typically improvements of the previous language therefore, if you look at the WHY of a language e.g WHY was java created after C++? then such questions will make you understand a bit more between the differences of two languages.
18th Jun 2017, 11:25 PM
Artemas - avatar
+ 4
totally true
22nd Jun 2017, 9:12 AM
Muhammad Husain Ismail
Muhammad Husain Ismail - avatar
+ 4
Yeah! that's just true, happened to me
23rd Jun 2017, 2:43 AM
Nomeh Uchenna Gabriel
Nomeh Uchenna Gabriel - avatar
+ 4
more than 3 ,we actually need to understand.
23rd Jun 2017, 3:36 PM
Abhi DG
Abhi DG - avatar
+ 3
Does I need to learn C and c++ first to learn Java
22nd Jun 2017, 10:27 PM
Dhananjay Mudgule
Dhananjay Mudgule - avatar
+ 2
You can understand any language once you learn the concepts and techniques used to build the compiler.
21st Jun 2017, 3:43 PM
Eric Wientzek
Eric Wientzek - avatar
+ 2
Learn C And C++ i am dame sure after that you can understand any programming language.
23rd Jun 2017, 7:18 AM
Sanjay Krishna
Sanjay Krishna - avatar
+ 2
all true, but really wouldn't hold up much for all conceivable scenarios. you still have to start out from somewhere and move on. making a necessity of two languages to better familiarize and adapt to one wouldn't really work. I'd just go with mastering on first, anyways
24th Jun 2017, 12:45 AM
Codde Ded
Codde Ded - avatar
+ 1
I don't understand Java, but ok with py and c++
23rd Jun 2017, 9:36 AM