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What is cin

i want to take it easy

12th Jun 2017, 1:04 PM
prince verma
4 Answers
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cin is an input stream.. With the cin and >> operators it is possible to read input from the keyboard.
12th Jun 2017, 1:20 PM
khadeeja Shamna
khadeeja Shamna - avatar
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it lets you take user's input....... in other words it will allow the one who runs the code to enter a value needed for your code..
12th Jun 2017, 1:19 PM
cHiRaG GhOsH
cHiRaG GhOsH - avatar
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it takes input from user
12th Jun 2017, 4:38 PM
r j
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it will take input from user
13th Jun 2017, 3:47 AM
Nagaratna Patgar
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