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What will be roll of PYTHON in future AI?

How much importance to learning Python to contribute towards smart world?

5th Jun 2017, 6:13 AM
Sam Divya Kumar Anbu
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5 Answers
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Python has a lot of good machine learning libraries that can be used for AI. It's already been used for tons of stuff. Part of me likes Lisp for AI though, sorta designed with it in mind since it can rewrite its own code.
5th Jun 2017, 8:04 AM
Ahri Fox
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Python is considered a good language in general. People like doing stuff efficiently and that’s what they generally get when they don’t go out of their way to write bad code. One thing that makes it so successful in AI research is that Python frees its user from the curse of premature optimization. If you follow the guidelines given by authors of the framework you use, you rarely need to think about making it fast right away. It can be done later, and often without the need to rewrite the whole thing. So far, Python have been succeeding in keeping things simple. If you want to contibute to some opensource project, it’s much easier if it’s written in Python, compared to, say, C. In a rapidly developing field such as ML, where you want to keep up with the others, dealing with simpler code is a gamechanger.
5th Jun 2017, 6:17 AM
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Python is certainly one of the leading languages in AI, and the fact that it's such a general programming language is part of why it's great. It also has some great related libraries, like PyBrain (http://pybrain.org/) for machine learning. Haskell is a great functional programming language, while Wolfram Language is useful with machine learning, Prolog is an interesting one; it's a logic programming language but it's not very widespread, mostly used in research.
5th Jun 2017, 11:48 AM
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9th Jul 2017, 2:19 PM
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9th Jul 2017, 3:02 PM
Sam Divya Kumar Anbu
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