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Do you like R ?

R is used to statistic in many field. Why not the sololearn add R here to let us to learn?

27th May 2017, 3:16 AM
Dustin Chen
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3 Answers
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You might be interested, a free copy of R ebook on probabilistic graphical models:
21st Jun 2017, 8:42 PM
Kuba Siekierzyński
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I dont know R and never listen about
27th May 2017, 4:41 AM
Anibal Lopes
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I don't like it, I love it! Also what you can do with R-Studio (shiny apps, knitr etc.) is amazing. I think it has a great community and a lot of useful packages for doing scientific research.
4th Jun 2017, 9:10 AM