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How to send code output to other

I have typed the code in this app and it is working fine after running it. Now how can I send it to someone else so that he can see its output directly.

14th Jun 2024, 12:17 AM
Tonny Bond
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4 Answers
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Got to your activity and code bits, then copy and share the code link.
14th Jun 2024, 2:14 AM
Chris Coder
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You can just publish it publicly and send the link to others 🛑[or]🛑 Go to Copy the code from Sololearn and paste on the website Click on the button at bottom right corner on (A .txt file will be downloaded) Rename it from file.txt to anyname.html Your HTML file is ready to share I think now your issue is solved
14th Jun 2024, 8:15 AM
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I think you need to publish the code bit, and then you can send a share link. That’s fairly common practice, and I think it’s mentioned in “how to write a good question“ as a description for how to share code.
14th Jun 2024, 12:57 AM
Wilbur Jaywright
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Hang on, are you trying to send him the code itself, or what the code did?
14th Jun 2024, 12:58 AM
Wilbur Jaywright
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