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Pro's and con's working with Angular

I recently put up a question about Angular, which might have been misunderstood (because Sololearn deleted it). Here is my (slightly modified for this purpose) letter to Sololearn: I got a short question - I just recently asked about the pro's and con's of Angular but it got deleted. In the text I just referred to what I heard but I wanted to get the bigger picture and also asked for good advises. My first answerer had a pretty bad impression of Angular, what in n o w a y represented my own opinion or impression I just reproduced my actual answers I got from people, working with Angular. It was in no way intented to build up a type of "code-religion" or something similar like that (this is what i'd really hate). So... what are your impressions about working with Angular?

10th Jun 2024, 6:30 PM
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Your question was likely removed because of the guidelines. "General questions and open-ended discussions are more suited to the Activity Feed to avoid cluttering the Help section."
10th Jun 2024, 7:34 PM
Chris Coder
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+ a big company is behind it + you can keep things separately: *.component.[html|scss|ts] + as you can see: typescript ready - but on the other hand is not too lightweight + you can use ionic with it to build mobile app (like we did it 2 years ago) with prime-ng
10th Jun 2024, 7:28 PM
Mihaly Nyilas
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Chris Coder Mihaly Nyilas, Thank you both for the fast and competent answer. :<|} I also considered moving it to the activity feed in the meantime, but then it was gone anyway. Maybe, since it also addresses another question about why questions like these are better suited for the activity feed, it's not entirely out of place here, but it wouldn't be a problem to move it either. Anyway, this is a great platform, and I just wanted to help out on one hand (e.g., the person who asked about it in 4 chats), and get informed myself on the other hand. At this point, I would like to give a short salute to this ever-growing community, with so many nice and smart people to interact with ✌️🖖👍. Thank you all for participating and sharing your kindness and knowledge 🫶.
11th Jun 2024, 12:24 AM
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