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Error in web development course

In the Web Development course, the section Transition and Transformation, in the module quiz, just in the last question I get error and I can’t follow the course, the error is “Something wrong”, I tried restarting the app and it doesn’t work, help me pls

23rd Feb 2024, 2:26 AM
Andres Gómez
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4 Answers
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You might need to clear cache, restart the app/Web browser and check your internet connection.
23rd Feb 2024, 7:59 AM
Ausgrindtube - avatar
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Andres I'm not able to reproduce this bug, so, You can report it in feedback section : Open profile -> left dots -> click feedback Open... Or via an e-mail You can send your feedback/issue to with screen shots, os v, app v, etc..
23rd Feb 2024, 4:36 AM
Amine Laaboudi
Amine Laaboudi - avatar
Can someone tell me can I make a app on solo learn?
24th Feb 2024, 6:25 PM
LIMO - avatar
LIMO If you want to make an android or apple app, that's not possible with Sololearn. If you want to make some kind of little Web app, that's possible with the compiler. In future, please don't write comments which are off-topic to the thread. You can search yourself for related threads and might find the answer or if you don't, post your own.
25th Feb 2024, 10:40 AM
Ausgrindtube - avatar