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Why must SoloLearn implement a "Lives System in the attempt to get people to fill their Capitalist Pockets full of money

I'm devoting my time into learning C and when I get a wrong answer, I loose a heart, get three wrong answers, i loose all of them and cannot proceed to continue learning unless I pay for Premium Which NEVER in a billion years will I EVER pay to learn(Yes If I have kids(God I hope not), they will not be going to a priovate school, I will put them in a public school and tell them "If they wanna go to college, they can go get a job, save up the money to do so and go to college with their own hard earned funds). I hate these Capitalist companies who will do ANYTHING to make large sums of money, especially when most of the users are dirt poor or near dirt poor. I know it has nothing to do do with learning per se, But I HAD to get that out.

2nd Oct 2023, 4:34 AM
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It's a pretty easy concept. Learn properly and answer the questions correctly and you don't lose hearts. No tricks, no money grab, no plot behind the scenes. That being said, don't you find it odd that you would tell your child to get a job to earn money but don't want an app which is for all purposes free, to pay their creators a salary....
2nd Oct 2023, 5:11 AM
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Your hearts will regain after a few hours. In SoloLearn, this feature prevents the learner from selecting random answers until they get it right. This helps the learner to learn programming more effectively, so you will have to check and know WHY'd you pick that option. While your hearts are regaining, instead of spending your time complaining about the hearts feature, spend it on asking questions, do some practices learn more programming stuff or do your stuff. Also, SoloLearn provides a currency "feature" called "Bits", which you can easily obtain it through doing lessons, doing challenge, winning a challenge, etc, without having to purchase it. You can spend 60 bits to regain your hearts again, or spend bits on showing hints or the actual answer to the question.. So, when you got wrong answer, you may have to check again what they told you during the lessons, and checking comments from each lesson is a good practice.
2nd Oct 2023, 5:01 AM
Dragon RB
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IDGam3r Sololearn is best coding platform to learn, improve your skills that too free. You will get access to all courses,code coaches. Even though if you lose hearts bits are available.
2nd Oct 2023, 9:22 AM
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If you learn with heart, you won't lose heart. Heart feature actually helpful to me. When i just started I lost 3 hearts to same question, I didn't even know why. Then i started paying more attention and haven't lost heart yet, and I have also gained some bits, so even if I lose it I will still be able try again. And it's free app bro, why you are complaining about it, it's not like they are showing multiple ads in middle lessons or making using app hard to just get money. Just focus more. There community where you can spend time, and coding playground where you try and practice codes, or do challenges.
2nd Oct 2023, 1:00 PM
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This platform means a lot to me. I've been a part of Sololearn since 2015, simply joining and savoring the wonderful benefits they provide for free. Mistakes happen to all of us, right? In my view, it's more productive to learn and grow from these slip-ups rather than offering excuses. If you ever find yourself in a challenging situation, like losing all your hearts, don't hesitate to connect with the community; there are countless amazing individuals here. Alternatively, you can explore additional resources to enhance your knowledge during your downtime. By doing so, you'll notice a reduction in errors and gain the ability to maintain hearts.
4th Oct 2023, 4:17 AM
Chris Coder
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