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2nd Sep 2023, 4:29 AM
P A Arrchith Iyer
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2 Answers
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First you should really research the current terms and conditions of the Youtube service, and make sure you do not do anything illegal. For example, separating the video and audio content is against YT TOS. It is actually in Youtube's own commercialization strategy that they offer you to play audio only, if you pay for their Youtube Music premium service. And I suggest to check this thread to see how others are trying to tackle this problem. Be aware that it is an old topic and many of the tools and methods mentioned, may not be available any more.
2nd Sep 2023, 5:10 AM
Tibor Santa
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I think it's better to leave it in video format 😕
2nd Sep 2023, 5:15 AM
P A Arrchith Iyer
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