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This my first Question (looking for upvotes) : What should I learn after Completing C programming?

23rd Jul 2023, 8:47 AM
Muneeb Ahmad Bukhari
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3 Answers
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That depends on what you want to do. Note, that we cannot know what you want to do. Before learning a new language, you could practice the one you already have learned.
23rd Jul 2023, 9:00 AM
Lisa - avatar
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How about C++ and in this way deeping your skills in C.
23rd Jul 2023, 11:46 AM
JaScript - avatar
Hello bro. Look I started with C then I went java and know I am trying to be a web developer. So it depends on what you wanna do. So I suggest you to search & think about it well before u start another lesson . Good luck with your coding ;)
24th Jul 2023, 8:51 PM
Konstantinos Stylianou Panagiotis
Konstantinos Stylianou Panagiotis - avatar