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What is code couch on sololearn?

10th May 2023, 6:06 PM
Shubham Ambekar
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Code coaches are exercises that sololern introduces at the end of a lesson for making you consolidate the information. There are coding coaches in almost all programming languages (python, java, c++…). One of the best ways to learn is practising, and sololearn achieves that and more!
10th May 2023, 6:11 PM
Ugulberto Sánchez
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You can consider code coach as a challenge, where it challenges you to solve a coding problem. These code coach helps improves your logic, which makes coding easier. So, always read the questions carefully before doing it. Not only SoloLearn, but also some online courses and websites do have a code coach(coding problem ) as well(like HackerRank, Programming Hero(Android app),...).
16th May 2023, 3:18 AM
Dragon RB
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