Typical typescript questions

Do you had offers for new job? If you frontend developer, please, give me yours questions about typescript. And say what you know about “List the Advantages of TypeScript” ?

1st May 2023, 6:44 PM
Maxim Remizov
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2 Answers
Typescript allows us to define types for variables, which allows us to catch type-related errors early in the development process, reducing errors and improving code quality. Typescript also makes it easy for the IDE to provide smarter code completion and error checking. With Typescript, IDE also produces more comprehensive code documentation, with code that is more self-documenting and easier to understand and maintain, making it more confident and easier for other developers to modify code. Developers can catch potential errors before they run, providing more of a safety net and easier bug tracking, especially in large projects. Code refactoring is easier to accomplish from Typescript. Typescript supports full OOP, such as classes and interfaces, providing structured applications and making application development smoother for different branches. Typescript can be ported to widely supported versions of Javascript, thus ensuring compatibility in different environments.
20th May 2023, 8:29 AM
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