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Setup auto run Pyspark notebook from Alteryx

I need to schedule Pyspark notebook to run using Alteryx. There seems to be Python and Apache spark code options available in Alteryx but no Pyspark.This was one of 2020 Alteryx Interview Questions as well ( Can anyone tell me how to set up automatic Pyspark-notebook run from Alteryx?

28th Oct 2022, 6:47 AM
pavan ligue
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1 Answer
Hello Buddy, Please check the below steps to complete the process. To schedule the automatic execution of a PySpark notebook from Alteryx, follow these steps: Install the necessary Alteryx tools for running Python and Apache Spark code. Configure the "Run Command" tool in Alteryx to execute the PySpark notebook. Set the tool to run a Python script that initiates your PySpark job, specifying the paths to the Python ( executable and your notebook script as arguments. Ensure all required Python libraries, including PySpark, are installed on the machine where Alteryx will execute the workflow. Use the "Download" tool in Alteryx to fetch any dependencies. If your PySpark code is in a script, use the "Run Command" tool; if it's in a workflow format, use the "Spark Job" tool in Alteryx. Configure the "Spark Job" tool with connection details to your Spark cluster, input/output paths, and other settings. Schedule the workflow using Alteryx Scheduler or an external scheduling tool to automate execution at specified intervals. Test the workflow to ensure successful execution, and review Alteryx logs for any encountered issues. Refer to the Alteryx documentation for accurate and up-to-date information based on your specific use case and environment. Thanks
23rd Jan 2024, 7:17 AM
Johnson IT
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