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Hi. I've few codes that I'd want to share here, but every need more than one input. For example building character needs name, strength, etc. Or guess number with more than one tryout after tip from game that guess was too big or too small. Is it possible to do it somehow?

9th Jul 2022, 2:17 PM
Krzysztof Jurecki
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I tred to create a `collecter` for your data (building character): # i hope you like the solution: qualities = { 'name':'', 'gender':'', 'strength':0, 'character':0, 'quality':0, 'wisdom':0, } def get_the_data(the_dict): result_dict = {} if not isinstance(the_dict,dict): return None for i in the_dict.keys(): isint = isinstance(the_dict[i],int) displayed = 'Enter {}: '.format( ['your ','the '][isint]+str(i) ) value = input(displayed) result_dict[i] = int(value) if value.isdigit() else value return result_dict print(get_the_data(qualities)) # so in conclution, just give the function a dict to look at and you got your data nicely 😁
9th Jul 2022, 3:36 PM
Ervis Meta
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Do you mean that in sense that your code needs multiply lines of input? Because SoloLearn can take multiply lines of codes like that. https://www.sololearn.com/post/1702905/?ref=app (Note: each number's one line input) edit: You must submit them all together!
9th Jul 2022, 4:31 PM
Felix Alcor
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