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Bank Management System

General    Create a structure of a Bank Account with the following properties: Account ID Account Holder Name Account Holder Phone Number Account Holder Email Account Balance Create the following functions: getAccountInformation(): takes an input of account holder name, phone number, and email, assigns id = 1 and balance = 0; showAccountInformation(): prints all the account information getAccountBalance(): returns account balance showMenu(): shows homepage (check attached software for menu) withdraw(): takes an amount as input and withdraws from account balance. (You need to check if the account balance is greater than the withdrawal amount) diposit(): takes an amount as input and deposits it to the account balance. (You need to check if the amount is zero) checkAccount(): checks whether an account is created before using showAccountInformation(), withdraw(), diposit(), getAccountBalance() DOWNLOAD this attached software for better understanding of the assignment.   

12th Apr 2022, 8:43 AM
Abdullah Abdullah
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Nice assignment. What's the question?
12th Apr 2022, 9:26 AM
Mustafa A
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12th Apr 2022, 6:03 PM
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