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Node js, mongo db CRUD operation mongoose

Iam facing problem in small small task like, 1- in mongodb document how to access value of particular field? projection is not working 2- which document to refer for CRUD operations ? Mongodb documents things are not working

7th Apr 2022, 9:54 AM
Tushar Deora
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1 Answer
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When accessing a specific field in a MongoDB document using Mongoose, ensure that your query and projection are correctly set up. If projection is not working, consider checking your query syntax and the way you are specifying the fields to be returned. For comprehensive guidance on CRUD operations in MongoDB using Mongoose, refer to the official Mongoose documentation. It provides clear examples, explanations, and best practices for creating, reading, updating, and deleting documents in your MongoDB database. By following these guidelines, you can navigate through your tasks with more clarity and efficiency.
13th Apr 2024, 5:19 PM
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