Guys do you think the LAW R.A 10175 or Cybercrime Prevention Act is still need revision to catch up with the world's fast changi

Please help me about this.

7th Mar 2022, 6:05 AM
Mary Joy A. De Guzman
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What is the cybercrime prevention act ? And what are examples of propsed revisions ?
7th Mar 2022, 6:12 AM
Raul Ramirez
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G'day Mary Joy A. De Guzman we can't do your homework for you. But I am almost certain there will be some very informed individuals here that can have a discussion with you. (I'm not one of those, just a silly old Aussie...) The answer is complicated. The law will always be behind the development of the hacker. If it is possible to create a legislation that is vague enough to cover innovative corner/edge cases then those powers can easily be misused to the detriment of freedom and privacy. One of the major problems is that laws are there to guide the citizens that want to be compliant. Most criminals are not as concerned by breaking the law, they often see themselves as being smarter than the "silly police" and might be "only doing a little hacking".... What are your views?
7th Mar 2022, 6:14 AM
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7th Mar 2022, 8:38 AM
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