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Numpy install

I have installed Microsoft VS code on my laptop, how to I install Numpy?

23rd Feb 2022, 8:58 AM
Naomi - avatar
5 Answers
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open cmd as administrator and write pip install numpy
23rd Feb 2022, 9:01 AM
Simba - avatar
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uninstall python and reinstall it again then try
23rd Feb 2022, 12:26 PM
A S Raghuvanshi
A S Raghuvanshi - avatar
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I have figured it out for those wondering… From here i typed in cmd promt py -m pip install - - upgrade pip From here pip-22.0.3 was successfully installed
23rd Feb 2022, 9:18 AM
Naomi - avatar
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I'm not familiar with vscode . Just to be more accurate try these steps: Run python interpreter from cmd then import numpy
25th Feb 2022, 5:19 AM
Hekmat Saker
Hekmat Saker - avatar
My command prompt now says Successfully installed pip -22.0.3 But there is a warning underneath it saying i am using pip version 21.2.4; however, version 22.0.3 is still avaliable and that i should consider upgrading. 1. How to i upgrade? 2. How do i know if numpy works now in VS code, as when i write ‘numpy’ it doesnt recognise the text. I have installed the latest version of Python
23rd Feb 2022, 9:04 AM
Naomi - avatar