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What is your experience with agile methods and artifacts in your current or past software projects?

Having an agile approach in software development is nearly a must-have for 20 years now. Those of you, which have some more experience in development surely got into it in the past or are currently involved in an agile project. I would like to hear your experience by asking these questions: - From your experience, what is the most effective agile method/artifact? - What is the least one? - How good were/are agile methods implemented in your projects? What went well, what didn't? Thanks a lot. Have a nice day!

20th Jul 2021, 8:18 AM
Zen Coding
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20 years wow, indeed. https://agilemanifesto.org/ was published in 2001. I work at a small consulting company. Our main profile has been business consulting and ERP system implementation, but some small scale development has always been on the table. However we have not really utilized agile methodologies until recently (or at least we were not so explicit about it). Since last year we have been involved with more serious product development projects too, and we took the opportunity to consciously apply some agile principles in our work. Ultimately what works for us, boils down to some sort of hybrid scrum/kanban style of work. We definitely need to learn how to manage it more efficiently... As it is, in the first times the tight deadlines and the dynamically growing requirements have put a big stress on the team. Some deadlines are just impossible to move because of legal / compliance reason, but this teaches us also better resource management :) Thanks for raising this topic! Excited to read other opinions.
20th Jul 2021, 7:14 PM
Tibor Santa
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