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The Sololearn problem

Does anybody get why this code accepts all three inputs at once instead of one at a time? Cause this works well when i'm using a regular IDE😕 I'd appreciate any help i can get🙏

15th Apr 2021, 8:22 PM
Abdulwahab - avatar
2 Answers
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It's a sololearn limitation. They require all inputs before the start of the application. This is because the app actually runs remotely. When the dialog box pops up in the start, put all your inputs there at once. You can use several lines to do that. It will feed that to the input prompts. This makes interactive programming on sololearn impossible. But you can have several inputs queued from the start.
15th Apr 2021, 8:30 PM
Jerry Hobby
Jerry Hobby - avatar
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Ohh now i get it, i thought i was at fault. Thanks Jerry Hobby problemo solved😉
15th Apr 2021, 8:37 PM
Abdulwahab - avatar