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hello, one question, is it worth learning about html5 path?

hello, on3 question, is it worth learning about html5 path?, it is that there are several programs that allow you to work graphically with svg

13th Apr 2021, 5:11 PM
Sam Vásquez
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HTML5 is the latest version of html....There are a number of reasons to prefer HTML5, and to avoid using any of the deprecated features. Some are practical, while others are more philosophical. Some are altruistic, while others are selfish. Easier to write Easier to maintain Easier to redesign Better for Search Engine Optimization Better for the blind and visually impaired Better for content aggregators and feed readers Better for users on mobile devices Better for users on slower internet connections Fewer chances of design breaks Easier to add media Easier to create interactive applications Deprecated features will likely stop being supported at some point, breaking your page You can find more information about comparison between HTML and HTML5 here: https://medium.com/edureka/html-vs-html5-83302f95652e
13th Apr 2021, 5:39 PM